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Get Adobe Flash player ~ Baltimore, Maryland Podiatrists was an official sponsor of the 2010 Baltimore Marathon and Running Festival. We had a booth in the Festival Village where we offered snacks as well as free podiatric care to runners with sore feet. To learn more about running, sports, and proper medical care for your feet, please visit
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Athletes Foot (Tinea Pedis) Heel and Arch Pain
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What is a Bunion? Common Conditions
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WeTreatFeet! That's what we do. From the simplest nail problems, to the most complex foot deformities, we provide exceptional care in a kind and compassionate manner. Our office offers unique treatments from computer assisted gait analysis, to complex deformity corrections using state of the art techniques.

We offer board certified physicians that have spent years learning the intricate structures and functions of the human foot and ankle. No knees or elbows here, only the best foot and ankle care available in Maryland.

From heel pain to bunions, hammertoes to Achilles tendon problems, we have the most modern technology available including digital x-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, and vascular testing equipment. Sports medicine injuries, broken bones, neuromas and flatfeet can be handled in a professional and expedient manner.

Our modern treatments available for the diabetic foot included wound care services, shoes and inserts, and surgical reconstruction. Prevention is our main focus! See us before you have a problem.

Our physician team offers treatments for people of all ages, from infants to seniors.  No foot is too big, no problem is too big, because remember, WeTreatFeet!

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