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Surgical Bunion Treatment
Warning: Some photos are graphic in nature.They were taken during an actual surgical procedure
Surgical Treatment
When conservative treatment does not provide satisfactory relief from symptoms, or when the condition interferes with your activities, surgery may be necessary. One type of surgical Correction is shown below..Procedure
Once in the operating room, the foot is cleaned and placed in sterile sheets. The incision is marked on the foot as noted by the purple markings.
The incision is made in a linear fashion. It is made in a straight line down to the level of tissue surrounding the joint, called the joint capsule.
Once the joint capsule is reached, the tissue surrounding the joint is separated away carefully to fully expose the capsule.
The capsule is then removed from the bone, making sure to maintain integrity of the capsule.
The capsule is then removed from the bone to expose the joint and the prominent side of the metatarsal head.
The prominence of the bone is then carefully removed with a power saw.
A guide pin is then inserted into the bone to mark the apex of the angle needed for the bone cuts (called the osteotomy).
The osteotomy cuts are then made in the bone.
The head of the bone is then freely mobile from the shaft and is moved over. It is called the capital fragment.
The fixation is then placed in the bone to hold it in.
The head of the bone is then remodeled to remove all prominences.
The deep tissues and skin are then closed in layers.
Finally, dressing material is applied and the foot is bandaged
Normally, the patient leaves the hospital the same day with a surgical shoe. Walking in the surgical shoe is allowed for most types of bunion surgery. Post operative medicines are usually given by your doctor. Now offering the Metafix plate system to allow early weightbaring in complex bunion surgery!
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